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Back in 1784 : Charles François Joseph Manson, the most important landowner and the largest fortune of the Vallee des Baux has the Mas Saint Roman and an olive oil mill built.

Manson de Saint Roman lives an aristocratic life and his self-made riches enable him to take an interest in the public things. He was chose as part of the mission sent to Paris to obtain the uniting of the barony of Les Baux with the Crown Lands.

His success, undoubtedly explains his 1st election as a Mayor of the parishes of Maussane-les-Alpilles, Paradou, Mouries and Les-Baux-de-Provence. He remained the Mayor from 1791 to 1793, until that tragic night of the 2nd March 1793.

Back from a town council meeting that lasted well into the night, he goes to bed and falls quickly to sleep. One hour after falling into a deep sleep, someone calls him. Awaken by the noise, he goes to the window, looks to see who is calling and is shot. He lives long enaugh to reveal the name of his murderers : they are deserters of the “bataillon des federes” of Marseille. The murderers are arrested, but the crowd breaks into the jail, removes the murderers and hangs them !


From the roman farm to the necropolis of the 1st times of Christianity, from the medieval chapel (today destroyed) to the manor house of the 18th century, time has left its mark on Saint Roman lands.
Many years ago, while he was ploughing the ground, our Grandfather discovered sarcophagi dating from the 1st times of Christianity and the vestiges of the roman farm. Some of its stones have been used for the construction of the manor house and one of them, inserted into a retaining wall, bears Latin inscriptions.

Sources : Veronique Autheman (historian)

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